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G Spot in Women: What It Is, How to Find It?

You have most likely heard people say how important the G spot is when it comes to vaginal orgasm. But, is G spot real? How do you locate your G spot? Basically, evidence about G spot is mysterious. That’s because it is not a distinctive structure. Instead, it’s a cluster of tissues and nerves that change or engorge in sensation upon arousal.

Additionally, not every woman feels or knows where her G spot is. But, most women experience extreme pleasure once the G spot is properly stimulated. There are also people that do not believe in the existence of the G spot.

What is the G Spot?

Dr. Beverly Whipple introduced the Grafenberg spot after discovering that using “come here” motion inside the vagina led to a physical response by a woman. According to Dr. Beverly, this region was the key to greater women orgasm.

However, subsequent research has shown that G spot is not a distinct part of the female anatomy. Instead, it is a part of the clitoral network. That means G spot stimulation is actually stimulation of the clitoris. But, the nub of a pea size at the meeting point of the inner labia is just a clitoris tip. It has two “roots” of about 4 inches.

Additionally, location of this region varies among women. This explains why many women have difficulties locating their G spot. Nevertheless, the G spot leads to female ejaculation upon stimulation and this enables a woman to achieve vaginal orgasm.

How to Find It

Finding your G spot is not easy. That’s because it is not clearly indicated on the human anatomy. However, this doesn’t mean that finding your G spot is impossible. You can find it during a sexual activity with your partner. Essentially, you can find your G spot during a sexual exploration session with your partner or fiery redhead escorts that understand the human sexuality.

The best way to find this spot is to relax. When starting to explore, focus on what gives you pleasure. When ready, massage your vagina opening before you insert a sex toy or fingers. Using the toy or fingers, lift upwards towards the belly button. Maintain a “come hither” motion while doing this.

At this point, focus on hitting a specific button instead of concentrating just on the great feeling in the entire region. Repeat this motion while the sensation builds. Rather than maintaining an in-and-out motion, focus attention on the area that feels best. This will help you find the G spot.

Basically, taking time to explore your vagina and preferences, you will locate the G spot and enjoy a more satisfying orgasm with every intercourse.

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